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Spring 2021

We certainly have lots of spring in our step as we kick off the season with a World Economic Forum video! This video highlights the biggest bottleneck to measuring, understanding, and protecting our oceans — power, which is exactly the problem we are solving at Seatrec. (And the video stars our VP of Engineering, Michael Zedelmair. We’re at 6,900 views and counting!)

It’s an incredible honor to be featured by this prominent international organization. A special thanks to Johan, Carina, and Alex at Waxman Strategies for all of their support in this effort.

💦Making a Media Splash!

Last quarter’s media momentum…

Q1 2021

It’s official! The United Nations has declared the Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, and Seatrec is here to help. We are committed to developing energy harvesting solutions to help further understand and measure our magnificent oceans. Our CEO, Yi Chao, kicked off 2021 with a WIRED interview, talking to Daniel Oberhaus about the thermal energy trapped in the ocean that we can use to generate unlimited clean power for aquatic robots and a host of other applications. Check out the full discussion below.

Autumn 2020

As we enter autumn, it feels like COVID has warped our sense of time, sucking the bliss out of each successive season, and blending the usual fun into one long stretch of quarantine and carryout. Add heatwaves, fires, and an unusually active hurricane season, and most will agree this past summer may not have been our best. But there still were some distinct, memorable summer oceanographic highlights. (Not to mention Discovery Channel nobly went ahead with Shark Week.) In this quarter’s Deep Dive, we’ll feature the latest from Seatrec and other ocean news — including seismic discoveries.

🌊What’s Happening at Seatrec


Summer 2020

It’s July already? It just doesn’t feel like summer. Our usual coastal escapes have been restricted, with the beach largely out of reach. Scientific ocean observation continues to be throttled as the COVID caseload continues to increase. Critical climate research risks interruption; especially worrisome as the Arctic experiences a heatwave and the oceans warm. The volume of oceanic plastic pollution is raising new red flags, and data on degradation times in the ocean are more troubling than previous estimates. To make matters worse, we now have COVID waste washing up on shorelines worldwide, another pollution source with an…

Spring 2020

It seems like an entirely different universe and light-years ago when we were at the Ocean Sciences Meeting (OSM) in February. All we had to worry about then was connecting, brainstorming, and being inspired about the scientific research addressing environmental challenges and raising awareness of the global dimension of the ocean.


Makers of thermal #energy harvesting systems that create #electricity from temperature differences in deep #ocean waters to power #floats and #gliders.

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