• Ridge Ventures

    Ridge Ventures

    Fast, flexible & founder-focused early stage venture capital fund. Backing experienced founders redefining how the world interacts with data and code.

  • Jack


    Renewable Energy, Oceanography, Data Science, AI, Satellite & Aircraft Remote Sensing, Geospatial Data, NASA, Space, Geoengineering, Terrarium, Photography

  • Renee Shenton

    Renee Shenton

    Community Manager for Breakout Labs. Adventure Enthusiast at Camp Happy Trail.

  • David Vallee

    David Vallee

  • Fei Chai

    Fei Chai

  • Morgan Howard

    Morgan Howard

    Founder of Morgan Howard Productions and NativeCo.com. Created global brand and merchandise company sold in 2012.

  • Marta Bulaich

    Marta Bulaich

    Love working with entrepreneurs, hiking, yoga, bookbinding, and playing guitar.

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