Seatrec Quarterly Deep Dive Q2'21

Spring 2021

We certainly have lots of spring in our step as we kick off the season with a World Economic Forum video! This video highlights the biggest bottleneck to measuring, understanding, and protecting our oceans — power, which is exactly the problem we are solving at Seatrec. (And the video stars our VP of Engineering, Michael Zedelmair. We’re at 6,900 views and counting!)

It’s an incredible honor to be featured by this prominent international organization. A special thanks to Johan, Carina, and Alex at Waxman Strategies for all of their support in this effort.

💦Making a Media Splash!

New Atlas featured the benefits of coupling Seatrec’s tech with underwater gliders. Gliders are essential for collecting oceanographic data, however, they require an onboard power source, both for buoyancy control mechanism and data-logging sensors. Batteries are generally used, but their limited power capacity constrains the length and utility of oceanic missions.

Seatrec’s mission also hit the presses on two other continents with articles in EMIRA (in Japan) and Reset (in Germany)!

Yi participated in two blue economy webinars, including the “U.S. Congressional Briefing on the Importance of U.S. Investment in Ocean Health” and the Marine Technology Society’s “Engaging with the Blue Economy Series on Mobile Power Generation.”

❤️ We Heart Vista!

🤝 Welcome, David Christian!

💡 Electrical Engineer Wanted!

📚 What We’re Reading

Oceanographers Kim McCoy and Yi Chao hold a copy of “Wave and Beaches”.

The 1st edition of Waves and Beaches was written by Willard Bascom and published in 1964; the 2nd edition was released in 1979. When Willard was in his 80s, he met Kim McCoy, became his mentor, and asked Kim to consider writing the 3rd edition of this popular book for the layperson. It took Kim almost a decade to revise the original book and add the modern tools and knowledge. As we enter the Ocean Decade, this publication is particularly timely to further understand changing climate. Lovers of the ocean, surf, and oceanic adventures will find this book to be a key summer accessory. Beautiful, comprehensive, and as timeless as our oceans.

☀️ Summary

Yours from at least a fathom away,

Team Seatrec

Makers of thermal #energy harvesting systems that create #electricity from temperature differences in deep #ocean waters to power #floats and #gliders.