Seatrec Quarterly Deep Dive

Q1 2021

It’s official! The United Nations has declared the Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, and Seatrec is here to help. We are committed to developing energy harvesting solutions to help further understand and measure our magnificent oceans. Our CEO, Yi Chao, kicked off 2021 with a WIRED interview, talking to Daniel Oberhaus about the thermal energy trapped in the ocean that we can use to generate unlimited clean power for aquatic robots and a host of other applications. Check out the full discussion below.

🏢 New digs.

Seatrec’s New Offices in Vista, California

👩🏽‍💻🧑🏾‍💻👨🏼‍💻We’re Hiring!

  1. Electrical Engineer
  2. Mechanical Engineer
  3. Product Engineer

If you’re interested, or if you know engineers committed to ocean exploration and sustainability, this is a perfect opportunity to make an impact. To apply, feel free to send a cover letter and resume to

Reflecting on 2020:

🎯 Engineering Feats:

💨 We went into Q2 with a new project funded by the Phase II SBIR grant from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to develop a profiling float that can dive ten times faster than the current state-of-the-art solutions.

🏆 We received two Powering the Blue Economy™: Ocean Observing Prizes.

💵 Closed a Financing Round

🎙️Made Media Waves

(un)Sexy Podcast with Yi Chao

Forbes Technology Council: Yi officially joined Forbes’ Tech Council and wrote his first thought leadership article on the weather theme of 2020 — hurricanes.


Yours from at least a fathom away,

Team Seatrec

Makers of thermal #energy harvesting systems that create #electricity from temperature differences in deep #ocean waters to power #floats and #gliders.