Seatrec’s Deep Dive — Autumn 2021

📺 CNN!

🗺️ Mapping the Seafloor with Autonomous Echosounder Floats Powered by the Thermocline

🔍 Project FIND (Float Innovation & New Discovery)

Olga Sato and Paulo Polito (Brazil); Joseph K. Ansong (Ghana); Miguel Tenreiro (Mexico); Tammy Morris and Juliet Hermes (South Africa) and Asha de Vos (Sri Lanka)

📛 Conferences are Back!

Yi Chao at Oceans 2021 in San Diego (left) and David Vallee, Yi Chao and Robin Willis at Ocean Business 2021 Southampton (right)

📰 ON&T Feature

ON&T Magazine Feature, September, 2021, Page 36

🎙 Podcasts!

🏆 Seatrec Selected as Finalist in General Excellence by FastCo’s 2021 World Changing Ideas Awards

🧗‍♂️ Welcome Miles, the Mechatronics Guy!

Miles Mallinger Scaling New Heights

📘 A Founder’s Odyssey

Thomas Valdez, co-inventor of Seatrec’s core technology, with Yi Chao testing a prototype.

🌊 Catching the Bluetech and ClimateTech Wave!



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Infinite energy from the ocean. Makers of thermal energy harvesting systems that generate electricity from the thermocline to power floats and gliders.