Seatrec’s Deep Dive — Earth Day 2022

🌎 Invest in Our Blue Planet!

📰 This Deep Dive’s highlights:

  1. EmergingTechBrew’s feature on how Seatrec’s use of pelagic power to map the seafloor,
  2. How the sounds of the ocean help us understand our planet, and
  3. Setting our sights on the middle of nowhere — Point Nemo


“When it comes to understanding the ocean, sound is everything.” -Yi Chao

🔊Sound Matters

Read on to see why we’re going to the middle of nowhere….literally!

🌐 Seatrec and Seabed 2030 Launch Project NEMO

A Sound Strategy with a Dream Team

“Mapping the seafloor will have a direct impact on the future of our planet, and as a result, that of humanity. Cutting-edge technology like Project NEMO is critical to helping us achieve our goal of mapping the seafloor by 2030.”

— Jamie McMichael-Philips, Seabed 2030 Project Director

Areas where better seafloor mapping will help us

🎙 Podcasts!

🏄 Welcome, Matt Moldovan (beware — he breaks things)

🌊 Tuning in

Happy Earth Day!




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